This article may be of some interest to those who have shamanic practices, for psychonauts and for animal lovers.

It is said that Padmasambhava, the great tantric master, was a master at taming spirits, land spirits that is, at least from what I figured. In other words, he was a grand bouddhist shamanic practitionner.
I bought and read the book about his life (The Lotus Born, the life story of Padmasambhava), hoping it would contain some details about how he did it, but, sadly, eventhough that word and act of taming shows up often indeed, there is no detail of any kind about how to do it.

I go on pondering about what « taming » is about, and, sometimes, I think I get to practice a bit.
That verb « taming » may be understood and translated in too ways : either it means the brutal kind of taming that consists in braking the spirit of a creature so that they may become slaves, either it means learning to communicate with them, building a relationship and making friend with them, to become able to cooperate and create a win-win interraction. Of course, I prefer the second way : making friend.
Yet, some spirits are so wild and angry that making friend with them seems quite unreachable.

Yey again, how to make this happen, since, to me, there’s no other way? I’m much too small to « brake » a spirit who’s the size of a country, let’s be realistic!

Since last May, I’ve been watching lots of Youtube videos about animals, first some videos about donkeys and horses, basic informations about them, how to take care of them, then videos of neglected donkeys and horses rescues, some of donkeys and horses training, then cats and dogs rescues…
I went down that path of keeping up on watching, even though I had no personnal need for the information, because I could feel it was helping me work on my Heart (animal rescues make me often cry a bit). It helps heal the Heart, I find, mend something, make friend with humanity and animals at the same time. Shamanic practitionners should always be working on their Heart. There’s still loads of work to do there.
Those videos also teach some good manners : how to behave better with some animals we may encounter from time to time.
And that’s how Youtube ended up suggesting me to watch some videos of Augusto Deolieveira, also called The Dog Daddy:

Now, I’m in love (lol!) !

Technology does have some grand ways to cooperate with us, even on a shamanic level sometimes.

This is, I think, a brilliant exemple of what taming may be in shamanism. Part of the job of a shaman is to learn to cooperate with non-human spirits, just like we may cooperate with dogs.
Even that guy’s posture, the way he’s so heart-centered, so grounded, in spite of the showy Gucci outfit, even that, the posture, is so much such a brilliant exemple of what I consider an appropriate posture for a practitionner…, that I just have to share !

And so now I’ll be taking some taming lessons with The Dog Daddy, by watching him work, through his videos.
And in case you’d know a bit about dogs and in case you’d wonder, yes he’s using prong collars and it’s not as bad as it sounds : How to use a prong collar to train your dog.
I’d say prong collars may be compared to some ritual tools, such as the dagger (or phurba).
Here’s Augusto Deoliveira’s story (quite out of the ordinary): Our story

And here’s some of the channels I’ve been following since last May :
Tenerife Horse Rescue
Hope For Paws
Steve Young Horsemanship

One main thing that this kind of videos allow to understand is that if some of those animals behave agressively, it’s because they’ve been abused and mistreated in some ways by humans. Often, they behave agressively out of fear, even towards humans who are willing to rescue them.
Many spirits that appear agressive to humans are actually pissed because they’ve been « offended », which means hurt.

In case you’re a psychonaut, next time you encounter a « demon » or an agressive « entity », please don’t take it so personnaly, please consider they are « offended » instead of « trying to get you », and please consider it means they may behave that way because someone has been hurting them at some point.
Sometimes, from the spirits’ point of view, the « offense »/neglect/hurt has been lasting for hundreds of years and have been commited by millions of humans.
A great way to start pacifying a relationship with an agressive spirit it to bless them.

Finaly, here’s the donkey who lighted up my interest in donkeys, last April :

His name is Chocolat (pronounce « shocolah »), he lives in a place called Fravelle, in Cussy en Morvan, in France.
Please, in case you’d have 2 minutes to spare, would you be kind enough to pray for him and send blessings his way ?
To say things diplomatically, it might be of some use to him.

That’s how his feet looked like last May. I can’t tell you if they are any better now.

And of course, in case you have some shamanic practices, please do consider offering service to animals, not just to human spirits. For exemple, in case you ever took some kind of medication, in case you’ve been vaccinated in any way, do think of all the animals that have been litterally used and abused to produce and test those products before they entered your body.
Animal testing facts and statistics
We owe much to those animals and to all of those our way of life has been destroying.
They won’t ever ask for service by email or phone, yet they’re worth it.
Then of course, you may also consider offering service to humans who are working their ass off to try and rescue as many creatures as possible (bees, whales, birds, horses, etc…).

Source: Windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought


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