The ideal setting: the Hobbit way!

A shortcut to mushrooms… Need I say more?

Yep, I like to brag about.
I hope you do too.
Even little people should be allowed to brag, sometimes.
If they’re not allowed, they do it anyway, because it’s fun and because they know they’re worth it, just as much as anybody else.

Some Hobbits very satisfied with themselves, in Isengard.

So, yep, this is « The » ideal setting. Not just « My » ideal setting.
Whether it’s for recreational or medicinal use, for chamanic use or to chamanize (do chamanic stuff on your own without being a shaman) and other witches’ and wizards’ stuff.
If you ask me how I know what I know, I’ll tell you: « I worked on it, don’t ask ».

« I worked on it, don’t ask, I said ».

And I keep working on it. I’ll keep you posted.
All I say might be rubbish, or might not be, maybe just some of it.
You’ll have only one way to find out: try it! (not that I’m pushing anybody to do illegal stuff, I’m just into risks reduction and education).
And in case you care to learn only from PhDs and from shamans with 50 years experience or from Terence McKenna, sorry, I’m not one of them and you hit the wrong link: I’m just a Mrs Nobody.
Life learns from all sources though. I do too, for I’m alive. Life is thirsty for learning. Life is thirsty for the new, for the unexpected, the uncharted, the weird, the West.
West is my favorite Direction.
What’s yours? Are you alive, ready to go on a little adventure out of your doorstep with me?

Bag End doorstep, The Shire.
Notice the beautiful tiled floor.


In nature 

The Shire, Hobbiton.

« In nature » means « in nature ». Nature is not a poster on the wall, not a rose on a cupboard. It means being surrounded by hills and trees and pastures, or it may mean the beach or the mountains and the forest. It means natural light, native electromagnetic phenomena, natural sounds and smells.
But you know what it means.
It means far away from this:

Way too high buildings with way too many people.

Which in our world translates into this:

Noise, light and air pollution, no stars, thick electrosmog…


Preferably outdoors: 

Big People tend to believe they can « hear » nature spirits even when they stand in a modern house in a big city.
Honnestly, do you see wolves in your living room often, for real?
It’s the same with all other « spirits »: you don’t hear nor see them the same when you’re in your living room, because your modern living room functions like earplugs. It cuts you from hearing many spirits, just like it keeps you from making vitamin D from the sun.
When a Hobbit wishes to hear the birds, he doesn’t believe he can hear them well from the bottom of his hole, no matter how sharp his ears. He gets out.

The forest of Lothlorien in spring, by Tolkien.

So, outdoors may mean out there in the wild, the great outdoors or just a nice garden:

As long as you know you’ll be safe and undisturbed, it’s ok.

« Getting up there? Nope, that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. »

If indoors:

If it’s raining or snowing or just way too cold, then chose a hobbit-friendly place, on a nice, warm, cosy first floor.

Bag End living room.

Surround yourself with materials you could find in The Shire: wood, earth, stone, wool…
Terracotta tiles on a lime screed is one of the best kind of floor ever, like the floor of the Bag End hall (remember the third picture of this article?).
No plastic, no synthetic stuff, no PVC floor! Sometimes, synthetic insulating stuff is hidden underneath nice wooden floorboards.
Do Hobbits have polystyrene?!
Do Hobbits have plastic yoga mats?
Do Hobbits have plastic anything?
You may go to your nearest thrift store (or ebay) to get your hands on some good woolen blankets, jumpers, rugs and so on. Make sure it’s 100% real wool (sheep, angora, cashmere…), not fake stuff.
Low cost natural mattress option: you can make a confy straw mattress out of dry grass wrapped in a simple coton or hemp sheet, it insulates well from the cold of the ground and it smells wonderful,  and you can lay some second hand sheep skins on it to prevent the straw from prickling or you can go check bushcraft videos on youtube, such as the Hands of History AS chanel to get some other ideas.


No electrosmog 

Do you think that’s supposed to be a LED lightbulb? Think again.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, just make sure there’s nothing electric turned on nearby: smartphones, stereo, cellphone towers…!
Just like Hobbits have nothing « synthetic » (plastic, polyester…),  they have no electricity, therefore no electrosmog, which is the sum of all electromagnetic fields emitted by all « artificial »/human-made electric stuff. All things « electric » emit electromagnetic fields (which are measurable), that can disrupt our physiology in many ways (stress, fatigue, sleep issues, memory and attention issues, cardiovascular issues, gut issues… you name it).
Yes the Earth and Sky deliver their share of electromagnetic phenomena and radiations, but we’re adapted to those, we need them to get « aligned » with our environment. They’re native. They have nothing in common with what your smartphone or your entire electric installation does.
So if you’re indoors, better turn off all electricity: even turn off the breaker! And turn off all that functions on battery.
And please get educated on the matter. Here’s a very few links on the matter: 5G appeal ; PhoneGate Alert ; Wireless wake-up call ; EMF danger: basis cellular mechanisms.


Why care of floors? Earthing!

Mr Bilbo Baggins, well grounded and very smart.

Hobbits go barefoot.
That’s the basics of hobbitness.
Hobbits don’t whine when they see a patch of grass fearing that it may sting or be « dirty », do they?
They know better. They know it’s quite soft and that Hobbits are made of the same stuff as that ground, so it can’t be dirty, since they’re quite clean. They’re equal to the ground, not « superior ».
To them, it’s our asphalt and Nike shoes that’d be « disguting ».
And I bet it’s their secret when it comes to be as silent and swift as a deer: being barefoot allows « earthing », or « grounding », which means being grounded on an electrical level. Earthing gives you strength, focus and discretion, even when dressed in red and yellow.
Wish to learn more about the rustic and real « magic » of earthing? Please do check The Earthing Institute website, The Earthing Movie, The Grounded movie.
Full leather sole shoes allow some grounding, so the big people with their big boots and their long stride can get some magic too (The Earthing Store has some interesting footware options).
Modern people can get grounded indoors by using a grounding mat plugged to a grounding rod outdoors, but the mat and rod better be set in a « clean » electromagnetic environment, with little to no electric fields around, best option: electricity turned off! One may use a universal grounding mat plugged to a grounding rod set below the window, in a corner of a room whith no elelctric devices around, neither electric cables in the walls.


Dressed in natural materials

Have you ever wondered why hippies are well known for taking off their clothes when « high »?
Because they’re not dressed like that:

Hobbits dressed up for adventure in entirely ecofriendly materials.

So, if you don’t wish to end up naked at some point, especially on high doses, go for coton, wool, linen, leather, hemp. Even real sheep skins are ok. Organic and oeko-tex labeled is  preferable when possible/affordable (it’s a great investment!). Why do you think Afghan coats used to be so popular in the 70s, amongst heavily experienced hippies?!

Ringo Starr in an Afghan coat, looking quite hobbitish.

With nothing synthetic on, you’ll do your meridians/nadis a favor.
If you wonder how to find elastic-free underwears, you may turn to Rawganic or you can make your own, or hire a dressmaker, or just go underwear-free.
For pants, Thai fisherman pants are the best and cheapest option I’ve found so far.
Or you may try kilts. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you warm.


Warmth & light, fire: 

Civilized people make fire.
It keeps them warm. Being warm is important. It helps relax and keep…, well, cool, even when strange stuff comes crawling nearby.
Breathing and relaxing is key.
If you’re freezing, you’re not relaxing, and then you’re not breathing right, and the Devil’s Snare will get you… Er, ooops, sorry, wrong story, that’s in Harry Potter, but it helps make my point.
Breathe and relax, even when sneaky things sneak around.

If it’s summer and there are risks of setting a whole forest on fire nearby by simply lighting up a cigarette, please don’t do it.
If it’s ok to make a fire, it’ll allow you to stay outdoors even when it’s a bit cold and it’ll give you light and maybe even some bits of advice, if you speak nicely to it. Yes, you can communicate with your fire, just like you can speak with Treebeard.
In case making a camp fire is impossible (or using a mexican chimney or whatever of the kind), then have at least one candle in a photophore. The color of the candle doesn’t matter: it’s the fire spirit you invite to camp, not a beauty youtuber.
Light can help you keep yourself safe.



A trip/session/ceremony can end up making you feel as hungry as a Hobbit and a few dwarves, especially if you’ve carefully fasted at least 4-5 hours prior to your trip/session/ceremony and if it’s been a 4-5 hours long and intense one.

« Hungry » that way.

Hobbit-style food is recommended: organic, home made, of season, locally grown.
But the best way to go would actually be to mix that up with an ayahuascero’s type of diet, which in modern language means « anti-inflammatory » and easy to digest.
An « anti-inflammatory » type of diet is close to a « paleo », grain-free diet. Rice is the only grain tolerated, the others can be replaced with buckwheat (which is not a grain). Changing grains for lots of all sorts of veggies (greens, tubers…) and healthy animal fats (pork, fish, eggs…) is best than trying to make it vegan.

A traditionnal Ayahuasca retreat meal: mainly rice (or plantain bananas) and fish, with a few fruits (source: Nativos Global). Notice the very Hobbitish setting of traditionnal Ayahuasca retreats.

After a short fast, a serving (or two) of an Ayahuasca retreat type of meal will be easier on your digestive system than a full blown Hobbit feast.
It’s also the best way to go on a daily basis to keep all sorts of digestive, inflammatory (depression, etc…) and immune issues at bay.



It’s when the magic happens. It’s when we can « see » best.
See with our minds eye. See with our « third eye », which is so sensitive to light, it won’t « open » if there’s too much of it, especially if there’s artificial light around, such as LEDs or screens, which are too rich in blue light (please use f.lux in ember mode on a daily basis to protect all of your eyes and circadian clock and metabolism, it’s a basic « biohack »).
If you’re a neuroscientist, or a health geek, you also know that at night, our autonomous nervous system gets into parasympathetic mode, which is the « rest and digest » part of our nervous system. How Hobbitish is that? It’s also called our « healer ».
Waiting for the body to get naturally into parasympathetic mode, at the end of the day, can help decrease the risks of bad trips, since then our stress hormones are naturally at their lowest levels.


Some modern options:

A Tentipi, not a 100% natural fabric, but a breathing fabric adapted to woodstoves.


A Kerterre, entirely handmade in France, with lime, sand and very long hemp fibers.


A mud house in Kutch, India. Similar mud houses can also be found in Africa.


Did you get it? Quiz!
What is Hobbitish:
To make music: a MP3 player? A stereo? A guitar?
To get light: a smartphone screen? A LED solar lamp? The moon?
To take notes: a computer? A pen and paper? An ipad?
To get warm: some vegan fur? a sheep skin coat? a polyester blanket?
To get hydrated: spring water? Coca Cola? Pasteurized orange juice?
How to get grounded: by visualizing roots growing from your sacrum while standing on a PVC floor? By standing barefoot on terracotta tiles? By standing on the grass wearing the most expensive Nike shoes ever?


Bonus, the staff:

A bit of a cheesy drawing from Wikiwand, but it shows well what to do with a staff: keep it grounded. Don’t wave it around like Harry Potter does with his wand in Ollivander’s shop.

Not so Hobbitish, but still so handy.
If you’re into « ceremonies » more than into « trips », you should know that witches and other « shamans » hold ceremonies standing up (or at least sitting up) and making noise (at least murmuring, humming…).
Not laying down, mute, in « silent darkness ».
And they may use a staff that helps them stand when things get rough.
Tolkien was very much inspired by the Scandinavian mythology and the Edda. He was probably familiar with the word « völva » and maybe even « Seidr », and not just Odin and Thor, and so that may be how he made Gandalf and the other wizards into staff carriers/bearers: a völva was a kind of scandinavian female shaman, travelling around with a staff (or so say the Edda).
A staff will help you hold your space and stand in difficult times.
Your space is your « circle », which is a sphere bigger than you, so make sure your staff is a bit taller than you.
Please, don’t cut a tree or a branch to make a staff, don’t buy one, just pick up a rather straight branch of solid dry wood in the woods. Take off the bark and sand the staff to avoid scratches when holding it. No varnish, no paint, no nothing. And hold it with the thinner bit pointing up.

That’s it.



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