Shamanism, Seidr, possession, mediumship, ergi

In this video, I explain how Seidr, as a shamanic practice, could also have been a possession cult, and how this may have led some people to consider it as « unmanly », just like today some men consider « being ridden » by spirits as unmanly.

With references:
– I.. Lewis, Ecstatic religion
– Bertrand Hell, Possession et chamanisme

To learn more about Seidr:
The volva and Seidr, by Pr Jackson Crawford:
– The magic of Seidr, by Arith Harger:
– a facebook publication by Maria Kvilhaug about Seidr as « ergi »

My article about possession as a working technic

My youtube playlist about Possession
Youtube playlist with my videos dedicated to shamanism/Seidr, including a video about the staff (in French)

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