#landspirits & 3Worlds Shamanism

Here's a text I just posted on the facebook group "3Worlds Shamanism" (that I discovered through the Nicholas Breeze Wood's Youtube videos): So far in my practice, I've come to understand, or believe, that the planet is made of many spirits, that the earth crust is a spirit made of many spirits, that the earth … Lire la suite #landspirits & 3Worlds Shamanism

Body, spirit and autistic perceptions

body-spirit-and-autistic-perception in PDF version Télécharger « Si on me touche, je n'existe plus » (« If I'm touched, I stop existing ») – Donna Williams, French version of one of her books title.« I was unable to map out my own body, its parts, their placement in association with me or the outside world » https://theisaacs22.wordpress.com/2020/03/23/autism-mentalising-alexithymia-introspection/« Legs, hands, fingers, toes, my trunk … Lire la suite Body, spirit and autistic perceptions