Deanthropomorph spirits

In the spirit world, many spirits are clearly non-human and have no human forms and therefore no human behavior. Some may have evolved from some giant ant spirit 100 millions of years old, that sort of non-humaness. I believe very few are Christians or match the Christian world views, just like an ant probably doesn't … Lire la suite Deanthropomorph spirits

Pour se renforcer, y voir plus clair

pour-se-renforcer-y-voir-plus-clair-pdfTélécharger Pour P., une de mes voisines. Plan de l'article :Introduction1 – L'ancrage2 – Alimentation anti-inflammatoire, sans céréale3 – Respiration du cœur4 – Bénir5 – Métaux et autres matériaux dans le corps ?6 – Se protéger des « mauvaises ondes »7 – Lumière et 3ème œil8 – Revendiquer notre part de ressources, revendiquer notre souveraineté9 – Faire un … Lire la suite Pour se renforcer, y voir plus clair

Morphogenetic fields

Here's a comment I just left on the 3Worlds Shamanism facebook group: "Shamanic practices of all sorts have become a human habit across the world those last thousands of years, so say anthropologists. If we look into Rupert Sheldrake's books and lectures on morphogenetic fields, we may theorize that this habit of "holding-ceremonies-in-a-transe-state-in-order-to-communicate-with-spirits-for-the-greater-good" may have … Lire la suite Morphogenetic fields