Spirit possession as a working technic

« What’s going to change depending on traditions, is the induction of trance : for some, it’s drumming, as in Mongolia, for others it’s psychoactive plants, dance, percussions… There can be many ways to induce trance. » (« Ce qui va changer en fonction des traditions, c’est l’induction de la transe: pour certains, c’est le tambour, comme en Mongolie, pour d’autres c’est des plantes psychoactives, la danse, les percussions… Ça peut être plein de moyens d’induire la transe », 6’47, Corine Sombrun, Podcast De la transe chamanique à la transe cognitive, mars 2021).

« In a survey of 42 different shamanic-like groups from across the globe (Peters & Price-Williams, 1980) some 69% practiced some form of spirit possession », Anomalous psychedelic experiences: At the neurochemical juncture of the humanistic and parapsychological; David Luke, 2020.

« We can see now that, contrary to the views of Eliade and de Heusch, in its Tungus form shamanism involves controlled spirit possession ; and that, according to the social context, the shaman incarnates spirits in both a latent and an active form, but always in a controlled fashion. His body is a vehicle for the spirits. », I.M. Lewis, in Ecstatic Religion, A study of shamanism and Spirit Possession.


For most Westerners, and probably most people with a monotheist kind of socio-cultural background, speaking of spirit possession usually means something bad and scary. It generally means « being possessed by an evil spirit, a demon, that makes you suffer, do bad crazy things and that you can’t get rid of on your own » (see the movie « the Exorcist » for more on the topic).
But actually, in French, in the theosophic vocabulary, there’s a word for a particular type of « positive » possession : « adombrer, adombrement » (http://plus.wikimonde.com/wiki/Adombrement_(th%C3%A9osophie)), for when someone is temporarily taken over by a powerful benevolent « master » or « teacher » – for the greater good, with their consent, and as they remain conscious of what goes on during the whole process, as a silent witness – but it’s scarcely ever mentioned nowadays. The only person I ever heard mentioning it, and who allowed me to discover the term, was Claude Traks https://www.youtube.com/user/claudetraks, in one of his youtube videos or lectures, I believe – sorry I don’t remember which one, and from what I remember he seemed to consider that phenomena as something to avoid.
In the Occidental world, whether perceived as positive or negative, any kind of talks involving « possession » will lead psychiatrists to conclude there’s a dissociative form of disorder involved, which means « bad » anyway.
So it’s a bit of a touchy subject in the West, even in the shamanic community, where lots of Westerners practicing some form of Core or Neo-Shamanism are likely to tell you that any form of « possession » may happen only to « ungrounded » people, people who are a bit « cracked » in the first place and who will end up believing they’re possessed, when, honestly, true spirits can only be nice creatures always perfectly respectful of your personal human boundaries.
Sorry. I’m a bit caricaturing the Core Shamanism adepts here, I admit, though « modern » Westerners practitioners really seem to ignore most if not all about spirit possession in the indigenous shamanic traditions (Asia, Africa… ; see the references at the end of this article for more information about it). The more I hear about Core Shamanism, the more I’m tempted to call it « that form of sophrology technic that leads you to go cuddle with an imaginary wolf or bear, or some other nice archetypal figures, somewhere in your head, and feel rejuvenated from it ».
Ok. Caricaturing again, sorry. Sometimes, those animals will lead you to go struggle in the mud a bit, but only « symbolically » and « somewhere in your head », in a daydream, a phantasm. You won’t have to do any laundry afterwards.
Cuddling with friendly entities, indeed, tend to feel good, and spending an hour or so laying motionless on a sofa too, and sophrology has got true therapeutic effects, while being « taken over », « ridden » or « overshadowed » by a powerful benevolent spirits may end up making you feel like you’ve been ran over by a truck, or many trucks.

This is how you may feel after having been « ridden » by a spirit, even a very benevolent one.

That Westerner’s tendency to cut off and purge shamanism from all of that is considered as « bad » or « dirty » or psychologically challenging, and eventually really dangerous from a Westerner’s point of view – such as the use of psychoactive substances, possession, leaving people tied to a tree all alone in a forest for a week… – is called « sanitizing » or « sanitization » by some people who are not too fond to hear Michal Harner’s and his followers’ practices being considered as equal to indigenous traditionnal shamanism (some researchers such as Angela Puca, some practitionners…).
And me, since I’m a Westerner with no lineage, nor human teacher, nor PhD, nor psychiatrist, how and what could I know about this topic anyway ?

How did I get there ?

Sacred medicines :
First of all, let me put it down clearly : I believe that the deep intense modified state of consciousness needed for the particular kind of spirit encounter called « possession », or being over-shadowed, taken-over, ridden, etc…, can happen on psilocybin mushrooms (or truffles/sclerotes), which are called « sacred medicines » by some ethnic groups (such as the Mazatec, in Mexico – for more on that, see the documentary « Maria Sabina in English », on youtube), and for a good reason.
Yep, it’s happened to me repeatedly, so I know it can happen, I speak from experience, but I cannot prove it, so it’s a belief (how in the world can you prove « incorporation », except somehow on a shamanic level?).
Such phenomena are one of the reasons why this type of medicines (psychedelics) may be dangerous, and why it’s always best to ask benevolent spirits for protection prior to ingestion : protection of one’s mind, spirit, memory and body – even if you don’t believe in spirits, just in case – though I believe that being taken over by a spirit in a bad traumatic way remains a rare phenomena : lots of people in the West have used these substances either recreationally, therapeutically or ritually for decades, a very few ended up in hospitals, or so statistics say…

« Drug harm in the UK : a multicriteria decision analysis », by Nutt, King, Phillips, 2010 (link to a page where you can download the full article : https://www.drugscience.org.uk/drug-harms-in-the-uk/)

… and I believe that being taken over by a guide won’t happen at random, nor to anybody who calls for it after only having read some articles on the internet (such as this one).
There, I’ve said it. Please note I’m speaking of a belief and that I’m not trying to push anybody to do anything illegal in their own country. I’m just speaking of a belief, as well as trying to do some harm reduction, as I’m supposed to have the right to do so freely in a democratic country (according to the Constitution of the countrty I live in).

Asking for it :
Now, I won’t say much more on how I got there, except that I asked for it.
That was on the 2018 Summer Solstice, during what I then called a « session », a session that became my first « ceremony ». Before that session, I set out my intentions : after having asked for general healing and protection as usual, I decided to ask if there was a « spirit guide » or an ancestor who could help me on my path to healing and understanding this big global international mess we’re in (6th mass extinction and so on).
I had heard and read of stories about « guides » in the New-Age realm as well as in the shamanic or witchcraft ones. I had no clue what it could be like to have a « real » spirit guide (and not a more or less imaginary one). Strangely, I thought that if there was one chance out of a million that some « real » spirit was to show up, it’d be male. I guess I was still deep into some patriarchal mindset… Don’t know.
Anyway, my call got answered and not by a male spirit.

From the start – whether that start gets situated during my teenagehood, back when, deep into depression/burn-out and social phobia, I could feel the calling for « better ways » (let’s put it that way) : esoterism, spirituality, psychology, better health and so on, or whether this start is situated at the 2015 Summer Solstice, when I had my first « session » in a « serious » modified state of consciousness (not just a little sophrology session, not just some jungian active imagination session) – whenever that « start » is, I’ve always tended to have Life at heart.
I believe this sort of intention, as well as a global request for healing and protection to benevolent spirits, may be key to accessing some serious kind of information in the spirit world : a powerful intention, that’s been anchored for long, and preferably benevolent, aligned with the greater good.

Addressing the Directions
It’s something I discovered about a month after that guide showed up : addressing the Directions contributes to creating a more « serious » ceremony-space.
From what I’ve gathered about Core Shamanism, it’s not clear to me if its practitioners address the spirits of the Directions before a ceremony or ritual or « journey ». I’ve heard some of them calling the mountains of the East, the animals of the East, the elementals of the East, whatever stuff there’s in the East…. And then avoiding calling East Itself. Damn. Avoiding addressing the Directions themselves, acknowledging them as spirits of their own, could be a great way to keep people from accessing the full ceremony-space, to keep them at bay from the most « touchy » information and risky business, I believe.
If you’re into « exploring the mind », don’t go there : it won’t be fun. It’s a place where our butt get kicked for every offense we cause, even those we were unaware of and no spirit ever comes cuddling with you there, just like ambassadors won’t go cuddle with one another. Ceremony doesn’t mean tourism and « Disney rides » (ref. : https://www.northernshamanism.org/journeying-and-pathwalking.html). Ceremony means hard work.

Why and how « checking » on the Directions ?
During my three years of working at getting used to a deep modified state of consciousness, I had come to have various kinds of experiences, such as communicating with a sage bush in my mom’s garden, exchanging blessings and requests of blessings with some of my ancestors during an entire evening (and crying a lot), communicating with the spirits of my sheepskin coat (and crying a lot), discovering what some mudras feel like and how they affect energy circulation within the body and mind state, testing how some supplements and herbs make me feel by simply holding them in my hand, etc… Such a modified state of consciousness is great for accessing « subtle » « energetic » kind of information from my environment. In such a modified state of consciousness, I perceive things differently, I perceive their « subtle » sides, and I may be able to interact with them on that level (through speech, visualizations, heart…). In such a state, a sheepskin coat is no longer just a coat, it’s a spirit, or rather a bunch of spirits.
So, during my 2018 Summer ceremonies, I got the idea to check on the Directions : what was up with them, if anything ? Why do Wiccan or Native American hold them so dear ?
One evening, I got the idea to put a kind of cross on the ground outdoors, pointing towards the « Directions », a cross made of big branches, just to make sure I’d remember about it during the « session ».
All in all, I can tell you I discovered that, yes, there’s something going on with the Directions. They seem to be spirits of their own, have personality of their own. I guess their « body » has very much something to do with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, ever in the distance, present though untouchable, unreachable. And the way you perceive them, what you feel about them, may depend on your own personality, just like some people prefer being around extraverted people, and some call extraverts « annoying ».
To me, for instance, East is much about yesterday’s teachings, those you should remember today to live your life in the wisest way possible, and West is about New Ideas and the exciting adventures to come in the future, and don’t ever put a cross on the ground !!! I discovered then that crosses are great banishing tools and no you don’t ever want to banish the Ground from your ceremonies, ever, I tell you !! He’s one of the Directions, and that’s for a reason !

Accessing the ceremony space-time
I believe that it’s by addressing the Directions (with the proper intention and modified state of consciousness and guide) that I fully entered what I now call the Ceremony space-time. It seems to be a particular kind of space, such as what modern witches call a « circle » – not anywhere else than where I stand – a special sort of information field I bathe in or get to step into, for lack of better terms – a sort of international diplomatic ground in which humans and spirits may encounter each other and negotiate together for the greater good. It’s possible to create a « circle » and do harmonizing and negotiation work without addressing the Directions, but with them, it seems possible to go much further and to get out of our little personal circle. It’s supposed to be a Sacred and Free space. For instance, you’re not supposed to send out « allies » attacking people in there. It’s serious offense and don’t get surprised if it backfires if you ever do such things.
Maybe there are other « keys » or doors to the Ceremony space ? I was outdoors, in the mountains, standing by a fire set on the ground. Maybe that helped too ? For more on that, I have a full article on what I consider an appropriate setting : The ideal setting : the Hobbit way https://psychedeliques.home.blog/2020/02/08/the-ideal-setting-the-hobbit-way/

Where I’m at

Seidr ?
For more than 25 years or so, like so many Westerners, I’ve been quite fascinated by Vikings. One of my great-great grand-mothers, the one I inherited my mitochondria from (of my maternal line), was native of the part of Normandy that was handed over to Rollo, a Dane or Norwegian Viking more than a thousand years ago. When I was about 20 years old, I even started writing a novel taking largely place in Norway, in the 10th century. In 2018, the fascination was still so strong I started to wonder : could there be a « guide », maybe some ancestors from that side of my bloodline who could teach me stuff ?
And that’s how I got answered by a female spirit who speaks English with a strong Germanic kind of accent, Germanic or Scandinavian, something like that. And her name, « Greta », could either be German or Scandinavian. During that ceremony, she showed a strong interest for a stick that she ended up calling a « keep » and it’s only a few days later that I discovered in an online Danish dictionary that a Danish word for « stick » is «kæp», which is pronounced kind of « keep » (or [kièp] : https://translate.google.fr/?sl=da&tl=en&text=k%C3%A6p&op=translate). It’s also then that I started to search for information about staffs used in shamanism and that I ended up discovering the existence of « Seidr », the volva and her staff (and the youtube channels of Pr Jackson Crawford, Arith Arger and Maria Kvilhaug). The rather short stick I first worked with got changed for a longer one and then again for a taller one, that helps me hold my space better, and I now work with a staff that’s a bit taller than I. Could that guide be the spirit of an ancient Seidr practitioner ? It seems that, in some cultures, after a shaman has died, they may « go on » in spirit-form, as a spirit guide for other shamans (ref. : see the article by Nicholas Breeze Wood, in the references at the end of this article).
It feels like this guide of mine is very skilled in « shamanic » business, and a bit like she’s coming out of a long absence, learning how to speak modern English little by little, getting accustomed to French little by little… It feels like she was already there one thousand years ago, ten thousands years ago…, dealing with big messy situations back then, and coming back now only to see the same sort of issues happening again. It feels like it’s not the first time she comes back and, yep, that sounds a bit like stories about Freyja.
For that guide, « Freyja » is not a human-form goddess but it is the word for « air » (air always comes back when you burn it, unless you burn it in an airtight container, and I don’t think such things existed back in the Viking era) and, to her, everything made by Life tends to be very « frrreeeeeya » (free). She also likes to work with bird of prey feathers and Freyja is said to wear a coat made of falcon feathers.
At times, it feels like it’s not just that spirit guide who speaks through my mouth, but Life herself, the spirit ruling all biological life-forms (there are other non-biological life-forms, such as planets, stars, geophysical phenomena, elements…), that some might like to call « the Great Goddess », that I may feel inclined to call the « Goddesa », since « Goddess » is not feminine enough of a word to my ears, though I tend to have no « god », I worship none, I only know of many spirits, some more powerful and bigger than others. Some of those big spirits (such as air, ground, the sun…) may have been called « gods » by some ancestors, and the names linger in the memory of the planet, but, to me and my guide, Life is also more simply « Kundalini », Life-force.
Yep, at times it feels like the « goddess »-Life herself speaks through my mouth.
Does it mean I believe I’m a goddess ?
Lol. That would be silly and quite full of sh*t, wouldn’t it ?
So I’m aware that I should watch out for my ego, but when at times it feels like Life herself comes speaking through your mouth, what should you do ? Hide ? Claim that you’re not alive yourself, so it would stop ? Since, if you’re alive, you hold a share of that « great goddesa », and you’re entitled to represent her in times of needs, especially if she feels so inclined to come speak through your mouth, that kind of belongs to her anyway.

World views questioned
I had no clue a spirit guide could come to me through my own body, taking over my body and simply allowing me to watch her work. « Me » : the little « I » that I am as I write, that little « me » kind of sitting quietly in a corner of my head, watching, as we’re supposed to do during meditation, learning to be the observer and be passed through by things, like light passes through the glass of a window.
I had heard of channeling, I was aware of mediumship, as pictured in the movie « Ghost » with Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg – though that seemed very caricatural as far as I could tell – I was aware that some shamans are sometimes taken over by some spirits, like Corine Sombrun often tells how it all started for her when she was taken over by a wolf-spirit, during a ceremony she was attending as a journalist in Mongolia.
I never felt threatened or anything by that guide, it’s a bit as if my body felt kind of ok with it, as if it was a sort of natural phenomena, like rain. Maybe she – my body – is used to being « ridden » by me, the « Caroline-spirit ». Maybe there’s really a « she-body » and « me-spirit » thing going on from the start : could two spirits be collaborating through « possession », the she-body not minding being taken over by another spirit if that spirit felt friendly to her, as well as to me ?
I’m never led to do anything dangerous or crazy. I don’t go running in the streets screaming or anything. My body feels taken care of, watched over. That guide doesn’t even feel really « foreign ». She feels more like a sort of grand-mother, a grand-mother that behaves like grand-mothers do when they teach one of their grand-children how to make a cake : they will grab the kid’s little hand while they’re holding the spoon and spin it the right way, in order for the kid to really feel the proper kind of gesture they’re supposed to make. For illustration, see the picture at the top of that article (couldn’t find a nice one involving a spoon!).
And kids let her do and watch in awe and they take in all that they can.
I also might consider that guide as some « higher self ». At times, it felt like we had sort of merged. There was barely no more difference between her and I. We were one. Maybe some form of future best version of my self, guiding me through space-time ? I don’t know. Maybe the self could be considered as being some sort of « spectrum », like the light spectrum. I’m aware of the part I perceive, I consider as « me » the portion of the self that I can pick up on a daily basis and as « other » all the rest, though, if I modify my perceptions through trance, then the portion of that self that I can perceive, be and express may vary ?

The light spectrum

I guess many such wild theories could be built on the phenomena and I’m nowhere near coming to a conclusion about it.
I won’t tell you exactly how it works, because I don’t know. It seems beyond my present little human ability to understand. All I can tell is that it seems to me that the boundaries of the human mind-spirit-self are far from being fully perceived and understood by modern psychology.

Personal power or community service ?
I feel like I watch and learn from a « grandmother », yet it doesn’t mean I believe grandmothers are perfect and know it all, of course. Though our grandmothers may be impressive, it doesn’t mean we revere them for every little step they take. They’re our grandmothers, not goddesses.
That guide sometimes struggles, especially when it comes to understanding how the spirit world functions around here nowadays….She seems to know how it goes from the start, or how it should go, and at the same time, she finds out the place to be in such a mess that, even her, ends up kind of lost sometimes.
Even spirits that my guide and I encounter, that seem to be quite old powerful ones, seem to have been so messed up – by bad witchcraft/magic, tons of spells, electrosmog, nuclear wastes/bombs/power plants, perverted so-called « sacred » architecture (temples or standing stones that ruin the place instead of allowing it to function properly on an energetic level), etc… ; yep, all of these affect them somehow, as much as it affects us – that even in the spirit world, things seem to be as messy as they are in the material world… I mean, have I already mentioned the 6th mass extinction?

Shamanic practices and environmental activism
Part of the traditional job a shaman is supposed to be responsible of is to make sure their clan have access to good food, shelter and water. Now, what do modern shamans do about their « clan »/society environment and resources ? I constantly hear repeatedly that now we don’t need to worry about those things such as hunting anymore, all vital resources all provided easy peasy by the modern world, supermarkets and so on, though poverty is systemic and though what do you know of it, really ? If you’re a shaman or shamanic practitioner, do you make sure your village or town or country (territory, tribe) is autonomous in food supplies ? Do you know where to get potatoes and eggs from your local producers ? What happens in case of long blackouts ? When supermarkets have to close because there’s no electricity anymore or no longer trucks to bring in food, because there’s a gas shortage for some reasons (big strikes, big storms, etc…) ? Are you aware petroleum stocks will get to an end someday ? And then what ? What do you do about it ? Do you get ready ? And how safe is your environment ? Don’t humans need clean air, clean waters, clean food anymore ? The « hunt »/wildlife is nearly gone everywhere, all the lands, air and waters have been trashed, even the bees are vanishing and what are shamanic practitioners doing about it ? They seem to be more busy with tending their old traumas, sometimes during decades, or their neighbors’ traumas, than tending at the « garden », while bees are disappearing still ever more… Are you sure any full healing can happen when all pollinating insects are all dead and gone ? How do we feed ourselves without the insects ? Shamans may say that as long as nobody asks them to work at harmonizing the global environmental mess, then they have no right to intervene. But aren’t they humans themselves, needing clean air, waters, soils and food in order to survive ?
I believe each and every human should claim their share or resources, which means claiming their share of responsibilities for the mess. Yep we all have a share of mountains being destroyed in order for some people to make computers, in order for me to type this article and share it online and in order for you to read it.
Some pieces of mountains have been destroyed for my little comfort, and for yours, so we’re perfectly entitled to try and do something to stop the worldwide destruction of life, in my own humble opinion. We can work on our own personal request. It’s your mess as well as mine and if you’re willing to do something about it, then, what are you waiting for ?! Hire yourself !

Sort of a conclusion
So my guide isn’t some form of superhero, all mighty, and neither am I. I often feel « blinded », unable or not allowed to see much of the spirits I encounter, maybe for my own safety, maybe because seeing would distract me too much and hinder the work. If I work on pedocriminality, do I really wish to see anything about it anyway ? If I encounter a spirit that looks like a giant venomous ant, « giant » as two or three times taller than I, am I really willing to see it ? Would you ?

I might end up in trauma just out of seeing too much, so, I guess it’s for my safety that I often kinda go blind. I see the material world around me, I can go pee if I have too, but I won’t see much of the information retreived from my guide’s own perceptions and remote viewing abilities.

From what she says, I can tell my guide sees and sometimes even literally smells more than I do. Yep, some spirits can stink, maybe for not having been summoned and blessed for so long, such as Law (spirit ruling human laws affairs). I often feel shamefully dumb, for being unable to understand how the spirit world functions, what it is, or why would some people want to do « black » magic since it always backfires, or I feel like I have a disabled heart : one that I tend to forget, since I was rarely ever taught how to breathe and feed it properly with my breath and attention (except in some taï-chi class, though it was not phrased that way). I’ve been taught to use my mind from an early age (school), but barely ever my heart, though heart is the true heart of our « space ». If the heart’s shut, wizened, we can’t go far and can’t share space with other spirits. Heart-space is where true full encounters can happen, and I’m autistic by the way, I have chronic congenital neurologically-based communication issues that I’ve worked on for quite some time, so when I say something helps communicating, I mean it very certainly does, whether it’s communicating with spirits or regular people (humans and non-humans).
So things seem to have been messed up in the spirit world and, besides, it seems that lots of spirits are pissed for having been offended, ignored and forgotten for so long. They’re not so willing to cooperate as they might have in the past. I often have to end up pleading for humanity, the bees, the whales… As if spirits barely cared anymore about biological life-forms, or at least about humans. I plead and cry a lot in the process. It’s no fancy easy peasy glittery cuddly kind of work. It’s exhausting, very challenging on an emotional level. After a particularly challenging and exhausting ceremony, I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever do another one again. Then I go back to it out of devotion, dedication, and out of feeling some stuff kind of pile up at my spirit door, so to speak, waiting for me to take care of it. It feels I’m now being expected to do the work and if I wait too long in between two ceremonies, the atmosphere may start to feel heavy, « charged », just like before a thunder storm.
Lots of ancient powerful spirits, such as land spirits, are pissed at us, yes, and it’s not funny to encounter a pissed powerful spirit. At their nicest, they’ll come at the edge of your circle, watching, but if you insist on having a better relationship with them, get your handkerchiefs ready and get ready to get « scanned » through, kind of tested out, in not always nice cuddly ways. They’re not at all ready to come cuddle with us, at all, no matter how good we believe we are. We’re not good, as a species. We’re a destructive stupid lot, often very much unaware of the harm we cause. But no matter if we cause harm intentionally or not, once it’s done, it’s done and refusing to take responsibility for it will only make matters worse. When most of the body of a land spirit has been trashed or destroyed, why should it come cuddle with you, seriously ? Because you’ve done a nice little milk offering for once, while you go on pooing in their water on a daily basis ? Spirit bodies millions of years old are being destroyed out of greed and stupidity and they should keep cool ?
Think of how you’d feel if you were literally ignored and denied by your community during 2000 years. First, you’d be living in a house in the village, you’d have good neighbours saying hello and giving a hand from time to time, but then, little by little people would start passing you by as if you weren’t there, after a few years people wouldn’t even remember your name and eventually they’d end up selling and buying your house and living there, trashing the place in the meanwhile, and you’d have to go live on the streets, not even able to call the cops, since even the cops wouldn’t consider you as a real living being… That’s how we’ve been treating land spirits around here in the West for centuries or more.
Ancient spirits also sometimes ask for some old protocols to be performed, protocols that I know nothing of, since they’ve all been erased from human memory where I live, all « lineages » have been broken (as far as I know), so the guide has to negotiate and say things such as « we have no time for old protocols and for me to spin this and that way and to sing this or that song and draw blood ! I’m full of blood anyway and so much has been spilled already and is still being spilled all around the world, give us a break ! Whatever protocol ! Life is threatened ! This is an emergency ! ». Spirits may have been fed blood a lot in the past (humans and animals sacrifices) and may have gotten kind of « high » on it, « high » in a bad way, just like now some of them, such as the spirit of Technology (I call him Tek), get sickeningly high on our fascination for screens and smartphones and with all the energy (electricity, electromagnetic fields, petroleum, attention…) we use to make and use those things. Even spirits can become sorts of addicts to what we feed them. I believe it’s not because blood was offered to spirits in the old days that such things should go on for ever. My guide and I question those old protocols a lot. See where they led us ! There’s no need to draw blood to call for the spirit of Healing to someone (my guide call her Healah). We all own a share of resources and all have many birth rights. Lots of things are offered when asked wholeheartedly, when the request is aligned with Life. Please ask, wish and pray, instead of trying to spell and curse. Free the spellbound, instead of creating always more new ones. Spells, even good willing ones, are like energetic prisons or cages. When you love somebody, you don’t put them in a cage, you set them free and nature will provide what it should, if you let it be.
Spirits are also sometimes kind of skeptical of me, the little me that I am now as I write this article in a non-modified state of consciousness, this little female human without any lineage, without any clan, without any human teacher, etc… But since there seem to be very few people bothering to do what I do around here these days (if any, in France ???), well, it seems that in the end, spirits find some interest in dealing with me – and my guide – for lack of any more « official » interlocutor.
They bother.
What about you ?

Some references :

An exemple of a study showing the effectiveness of sophrology to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms : Effectiveness of a 4-week sophrology program for primary care patients with moderate to high anxiety levels: a randomised controlled trial http://public-files.prbb.org/publicacions/09cde080-0fb6-0139-72aa-00155df14f0e.pdf

Psychedelic possession: The growing incorporation of incorporation into Ayahuasca use, by David Luke (also in Talking with the spirits, ethnographies from between the worlds, book edited by Jack Hunter and David Luke)

Anomalous psychedelic experiences: At the neurochemical juncture of the humanistic and parapsychological; David Luke, 2020

Possession et chamanisme, entretien avec Bertrand Hell (English subtitles).

Spirit embodiement in Korean shaman rituals of the Hwanghaedo tradition https://www.academia.edu/37174290/Spirit_Possession_in_Korean_Shaman_rituals_of_the_Hwanghaedo_Tradition

So you want to be a shaman, a shamanic rite of passage for beginnersin Siberia : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BOGrsz4WDs&t=2034s

The relationship between a shaman and an ongon : https://mongolianstore.com/shaman-ongons/

The shaman’s trance, flights to the spirit world and spirit possession in traditional shamanism, by Nicholas Breeze Wood, Sacred Hoops magasine n°108 (article shared in the « 3Worlds Shamanism » facebook group – the article isin PDF form and can be found on the group by searching for the word « possession » in the group search toolbox).

TedxParisSalon2012 – Corine Sombrun – La transe chamanique, capacité ou cerveau ? (with English subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym0kIECFi0U

Summuning the spirits : Life as a shaman in Korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV_Uo4pmQ0c

Transcultural Shamanism, Italian Witchcraft, Strega, Stregoneria (on the sanitizing of shamanism in Core/Neo-shamanism and a few other topics) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQw6iz2d06U

Neo-shamanism, by Scuro and Rodd https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304036146_Neo-Shamanism

The spirit possession section on Raven Kaldera’s website : https://www.northernshamanism.org/spirit-possession.html

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